Vision Pro Teardown Reveals Component Costs and Suppliers

February 26, 2024 – According to Japanese media reports, research firm Fomalhaut Techno Solutions has conducted a teardown analysis of the Vision Pro, identifying the manufacturers of its key components and estimating their procurement prices.

The cost of the device and its components is estimated to be approximately 1,200,whichisroughlyone−thirdofitssellingpriceof3,499.

In terms of cost breakdown by region, Japanese companies supply 42% of the components, including Sony’s organic EL panels, camera image sensors, and Kioxia flash memory. South Korea ranks second with a 13% share, including DRAM produced by SK Hynix.

Taiwan accounts for 9% of the components, with Foxconn Technology Group, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry, responsible for the device’s assembly. China mainland ranks fourth with a 7% share, mainly providing batteries and other components. The United States, home to Apple, ranks fifth with a 6% share.

Meanwhile, in the case of Apple’s current top-of-the-line iPhone 15 Pro Max, the breakdown of components by cost is as follows: American-made parts account for approximately 33% of the total, taking the top spot. Korean components weigh in at around 29%, representing an increase of about 5% and coming in second. Japanese parts maintain a 10% share, placing third. Taiwan’s supply of components has increased significantly to 9%, while China mainland’s share stands at 2%.

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