Apple Faces Supply Constraints for 11-inch iPad Pro 2024, with OLED Debut

March 13, 2024 – According to recent reports from analyst Ross Young, the upcoming iPad Pro 2024 is facing a supply constraint for its 11-inch model compared to the 13-inch version. This could potentially lead to a shortage of the 11-inch variant when the new tablets hit the market.

Currently, Samsung is responsible for producing the OLED panels required for the 11-inch iPad Pro, while LG Display manufactures the 13-inch OLED screens. Due to the limited production capacity of the 11-inch panels, Apple is expected to tap LG Display to take on some of the orders in the future, alleviating the supply issues for the smaller-sized iPad Pro.

It’s worth noting that this is the first time Apple is using OLED screens on its iPad devices. Compared to the previously used mini-LED technology, OLED offers self-illuminating properties, eliminating the need for a backlight module. This allows for a thinner display profile and a more authentic representation of black backgrounds.

Previously, the mini-LED version of the iPad Pro had been criticized for exhibiting a “halo effect” when displaying pure black backgrounds, which negatively impacted the user experience. With the introduction of OLED screens in the iPad Pro 2024, Apple aims to address this issue and provide a superior viewing experience for its customers.

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