Apple Begins Local Assembly of iPhone 15 in Brazil: Report

March 13, 2024 – According to a recent report by Brazilian blog MacMagazine,

it appears that Apple has started assembling the iPhone 15 model in Brazil, based on changes observed on the company’s official website.

The publication visited the Brazilian Apple Store and noticed that the part number for the iPhone 15 ends in “BR/A” on the checkout page. This designation, as per local Brazilian regulations, indicates that the product was assembled domestically within the country. It’s worth noting that if a product is imported for sale in Brazil, its identification would typically end in “BE/A” or “BZ/A”.

However, it seems that the local assembly is limited to the 6.1-inch standard version of the iPhone 15, while the iPhone 15 Plus and the two iPhone 15 Pro models are still being imported, as indicated by the information displayed on Apple’s Brazilian webpage.

Brazil imposes high taxes on imported products, which has led some companies to invest in local assembly operations as a way to reduce tax obligations and ultimately lower costs for consumers. Apple’s move to assemble the iPhone 15 locally could be a step in this direction, aiming to make its products more affordable in the Brazilian market.

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