Microsoft Adjusts Browser Settings to Comply with DMA Regulations Globally

March 13, 2024 – Following its designation as a “gatekeeper” by the European Union, Microsoft has recently unveiled several carefully crafted measures to ensure compliance with the DMA regulations.

Among these measures are the options to disable Bing within Windows Search and to uninstall the Edge browser for European users. Additionally, the tech giant has announced a change that will affect not only European users but also those beyond the continent.

Microsoft has stated that it will adjust the way Windows handles default browser settings, no longer giving preferential treatment to its own Edge browser over other options like Google Chrome. This marks a significant shift in the company’s approach, as previous versions of Windows 10 and 11 would prominently feature Edge as a “recommended” or “featured” app when users attempted to change their default browser.

In the past, Microsoft would go as far as highlighting the supposed advantages of its browser, claiming that it offered a richer online experience and met a wider range of user needs compared to alternatives like Chrome and Firefox. However, with this latest update, all browsers will be treated equally, with no additional content or prompts favoring one over the others.

Importantly, this change is not limited to European users but will be rolled out globally, ensuring a more level playing field for all browsers regardless of their origin.

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