TDK Unveils Revolutionary Battery with 10% Higher Capacity, Sparking Industry Optimism

January 05, 2024 – In a recent press release, TDK, a supplier for Apple, announced the successful development of a novel battery technology boasting a 10% higher capacity than traditional graphite anode batteries.

Industry experts are even more optimistic, with some suggesting that the new battery could potentially offer over 40% more capacity within the same volume, although it should be noted that this figure originates from a Bloomberg report which did not specify a timeframe for achieving this goal.

Analyst Hideki Yasuda of Toyo Securities believes that this battery holds vast potential for a wide range of applications, including mobile gaming devices, wearable tech, and cutting-edge AI-related equipment. Its smaller size and improved battery life make it a game-changer in these areas.

It is speculated that the Honor Magic V2 smartphone might already be utilizing TDK’s latest battery technology, contributing to its impressive 9.9mm thickness in its folded state. While Honor’s official website mentions the use of a silicon-carbon dual battery in their phones, the company declines to comment on its suppliers, as it competes with Huawei, OPPO, and Xiaomi in the Chinese and Asian markets.

Noboru Saito, President and CEO of TDK Corporation, stated, “We need to assume that other companies will enter this field. We must continue to develop new technologies to differentiate ourselves and maintain our lead. There is still room for further development of this technology.”

Saito anticipates that the new product will account for a double-digit percentage of the company’s total smartphone battery sales in the coming years, a significant increase from the current figure of less than 5%.

TDK acquired ATL, founded by Zeng Bin, in 2005 and expanded its production into the smartphone market, gaining major clients such as Apple and Samsung Electronics. ATL’s nascent electric vehicle battery business was spun off to Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL) in 2011, and ATL now operates two joint ventures with them, producing rechargeable batteries and cells for home energy storage, motorcycles, and industrial machines.

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