Tesla Hits 55,000 Global Superchargers, with UK as a Key Growth Region

January 05, 2024 – Tesla Announces Global Expansion of Supercharger Network to 55,000 Units, Highlighting Strong Growth in the UK

In a recent announcement, Tesla revealed that its global network of Superchargers has reached 55,000 units, marking a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to expand its charging infrastructure. Notably, the United Kingdom has emerged as one of the strongest regions for Tesla’s charging business.

The latest expansion comes just four months after Tesla announced that it had surpassed 50,000 Superchargers globally on September 8, 2023. This rapid growth translates to an average of over 1,000 new Superchargers being added to the network each month.

Tesla has also been actively expanding the accessibility of its charging network, allowing more non-Tesla vehicles to use its Superchargers. This move aligns with the company’s broader goal of promoting sustainable energy use and electric vehicle adoption.

As of November 1, 2023, Tesla’s Supercharger network in China had achieved 100% coverage of provincial capital cities and municipalities directly under the central government. The company has established over 1,800 Supercharger stations and installed more than 11,000 Supercharger units across the country. Additionally, Tesla has set up over 700 destination charging stations with more than 2,000 destination chargers, ensuring convenient charging options for its customers.

The expansion of Tesla’s Supercharger network in China, including remote locations such as Mount Everest and Mohe, demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. With the continued growth of its charging infrastructure, Tesla is paving the way for wider adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation globally.

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