Sam Altman Unveils OpenAI’s 2024 Roadmap: GPT-5 and AGI Research

December 25, 2023 – OpenAI Co-Founder and CEO, Sam Altman, made an exciting

announcement today: GPT-5 is on its way! He took to social media to unveil OpenAI’s ambitious plans for 2024, which include a host of advancements such as GPT-5, improved speech and video models, enhanced reasoning capabilities, and higher rate limits.

In addition to these improvements, OpenAI is focusing on refining existing GPT models, granting users better control over prompts, introducing personalization features, enhancing user navigation, and embracing open-source initiatives.

Looking ahead to 2024, OpenAI is also dedicating itself to delve deeper into AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). While AI content generation has been making strides, AGI remains in the research stage. The ultimate goal of AGI is to achieve a level of intelligence akin to human beings, enabling it to excel in various domains and tasks. This means AGI will possess a broad spectrum of cognitive abilities, allowing it to adapt flexibly to diverse tasks and environments.

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