Apple’s Vision Pro: The Game-Changing Product of 2024

December 25, 2023 – In today’s news, renowned analyst Guo Ming-Chi from TF International Securities has predicted that Apple’s Vision Pro will be the tech giant’s most significant product of 2024, surpassing even the iPhone in importance. He suggests that it could hit the market as early as the end of January or the beginning of February.

Guo Ming-Chi indicates that Apple has already commenced production of the Vision Pro, with expectations of substantial shipments starting in the first week of January 2024. Based on this, it is highly likely that Apple will release the Vision Pro by the end of January or early February, with an estimated annual shipment volume of around 500,000 units.

Furthermore, Guo Ming-Chi suggests that if consumer response to the Vision Pro exceeds expectations, it could solidify the market consensus that “Vision Pro is the next consumer electronics superstar product,” potentially influencing the stock prices of related supply chain companies.

Apple had initially unveiled the Vision Pro headset in June of this year, with an official announcement that it would premiere in the U.S. market in early 2024, followed by launches in other countries and regions. In a bid to ensure consumer acceptance, Apple recently organized training sessions for select retail employees to acquaint them with “Vision Pro”-related service offerings, and some Apple retail stores have set up trial areas dedicated to showcasing Vision Pro.

In terms of specifications, the Vision Pro features Micro OLED technology, providing 23 million pixels across the two screens, surpassing even 4K display quality for each eye. It also boasts a wide color gamut and HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities.

Apple has incorporated a dual-chip design, the M2+R1, into the Vision Pro, significantly reducing both screen and operational latency. This minimizes latency to as low as 12 milliseconds, drastically improving the user experience. Notably, the Vision Pro comes with a premium price tag, retailing at $3,499, roughly equivalent to 25,000 Chinese yuan.

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