Innovative Design Revealed: Vision Pro’s Protective Cover and MagSafe Battery

December 25, 2023 – Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, is set to hit the market soon. Adding to the excitement, the Hong Kong Patent Office recently released 70 brand-new design patents related to the Vision Pro, further piquing everyone’s curiosity.

As early as October and November of this year, the patent blog Patently Apple had already reported on a series of design patents for the Vision Pro. While some of the new patents bear a resemblance to the previously revealed designs, distinct patent numbers confirm that these are indeed new patents.

What’s truly intriguing is that these patent documents also feature a previously unseen “protective cover” design for the headset, as well as a design patent for a MagSafe battery with a top-mounted USB-C port.

It’s important to note that, unlike utility patents that provide invention abstracts and technical details, design patents only disclose the exterior design and do not reveal any technical specifics. Therefore, we can only glean limited information about the Vision Pro from these patent drawings.

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