DuerOS X Unveiling Set for Baidu Create 2024: A New Era of AI-Native Operating Systems

April 12, 2024 – It has been confirmed that the 2024 Baidu Create Developer Conference will take place on April 16th, where Xiaodu is set to unveil DuerOS X, the world’s first AI-native operating system.

The announcement of DuerOS X serves as a highlight of the upcoming conference. This system has undergone a comprehensive upgrade based on the Wenxin large model, achieving significant breakthroughs in multi-modal perception and anthropomorphic presentation. Consequently, Xiaodu’s human-machine interaction experience will undergo a qualitative leap forward, offering users a more natural and intelligent way of engaging.

The Wenxin large model, a crucial achievement of Baidu in the field of artificial intelligence, provides robust technical support for DuerOS X. Equipped with this model, DuerOS X becomes not just more useful but also more soulful, capable of delivering emotional and companionship value to users.

Furthermore, DuerOS, Baidu’s first conversational AI operating system launched in January 2017, has already made remarkable progress. It extensively supports various hardware devices such as mobile phones, televisions, speakers, cars, and robots, offering a wide range of intelligent services to enhance people’s lives. Through DuerOS, users can easily manage their schedules, access information, and enjoy entertainment services, significantly improving the convenience and intelligence level of their lifestyles.

In conclusion, the upcoming 2024 Baidu Create Developer Conference and the launch of DuerOS X are expected to further propel the development and application of artificial intelligence technology.

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