Microsoft’s Aggressive Update: Full-Screen Ads Push Users to Adopt Edge and More

April 29, 2024 – Microsoft has recently pushed out an update for Windows 11 that has raised some eyebrows due to its aggressive promotion of the company’s products and services. Reports from users indicate that after installing the update, a fullscreen window labeled “Complete Your PC Setup” unexpectedly popped up.

Curiously, this window, which resembles the initial setup screen on a brand-new computer, appeared on devices that have been running Windows 11 for some time, rather than solely on new machines. Inside this window, users are presented with multiple prompts to adopt various Microsoft products, such as using OneDrive for cloud file backup, making Microsoft Edge the default web browser, and subscribing to Microsoft 365 packages.

Users of IT Home forums have reported being given the options to either “Continue” or “Remind Me Later.” However, even if one chooses the latter, the system will re-display the same window in three days. This suggests that Microsoft is actively encouraging the use of Edge browser among its user base.

Additionally, the popup includes suggestions for other Microsoft services, such as a trial of Microsoft 365 Family and 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage. Remarkably, even on computers where these settings had been previously completed, the system still generates these prompts.

Fortunately, users have the choice to bypass these recommendations and proceed with their system configurations. Moreover, they are free to select their preferred browser instead of the system’s default recommendation of Edge.

Despite Microsoft’s possible belief that such promotions may not be objectionable, the persistent promotion of Edge and other services has sparked controversy, especially following the company’s recent attempt to introduce advertisements into the Start menu, much to the displeasure of some users.

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