Apple’s iPad Pro 2024 Set to Debut with Industry-Leading OLED Panel on May 7th

April 30, 2024 – According to supply chain insider Ross Young, the upcoming iPad Pro 2024 from Apple is set to feature the best OLED panel on the market, with its official debut scheduled for May 7th.

Young revealed that the iPad Pro 2024 will be available in two sizes: 12.9-inch and 11.1-inch, both equipped with an OLED panel that supports LTPO and 120Hz ProMotion technology. This panel utilizes a dual-stack structure, resulting in enhanced brightness, extended product lifespan, and improved battery efficiency.

Currently, most OLED smartphones employ a single-stack design. In contrast, the double-stacked approach essentially involves stacking red, green, and blue emissive layers into two layers, offering twice the screen brightness and a fourfold increase in product lifespan. However, this comes at a relatively higher cost.

Compared to traditional OLED panels, the iPad Pro 2024’s screen not only maintains an LTPO 120Hz adaptive refresh rate but also achieves significant improvements in display brightness and durability. These core parameter upgrades mark a leap forward in display technology.

Additionally, the iPad Pro 2024’s panel eliminates the need for a backlight module, resulting in a device that is 1mm thinner than its predecessor.

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