OpenAI Rolls Out Memory Function for ChatGPT Plus Users Worldwide

【ITBEAR科技资讯】4月30日消息,OpenAI宣布 the long-awaited launch of the “memory function” exclusively for ChatGPT Plus users worldwide.

This introduction significantly elevates the user experience with ChatGPT, unlocking immense potential across various industries such as novel writing, long-term health monitoring, business planning and management, social media marketing, and education. Now, users can offload lengthy and intricate details to ChatGPT, eliminating the need for repeated inputs and inquiries.

For creators, this innovation is a godsend. Imagine crafting a 200,000-word novel; with ChatGPT’s memory function, authors can effortlessly track character arcs and plotlines, ensuring narrative coherence. Additionally, it aids in managing intricate details, easing the burden of the creative process.

However, with this new functionality comes heightened concerns about data privacy and security. OpenAI is well aware of these issues and has meticulously designed the feature with user privacy in mind. Users have complete control over the memory function, with the ability to activate or deactivate it at will. ChatGPT also provides versatile data management options, allowing users to erase or adjust stored information, thus ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.

Utilizing the memory function is remarkably straightforward. Users simply need to initiate a new chat session and share the desired information with ChatGPT. For more advanced memory content management, users can easily toggle the feature in the settings. This flexibility significantly enriches the user experience.

Currently, the memory function is accessible in multiple countries/regions globally, excluding Europe and Korea.尽管如此,OpenAI has pledged to extend this feature to these regions soon, catering to a broader user base.

Furthermore, the upcoming launch of memory storage for teams, enterprise versions, and GPTs promises to further broaden ChatGPT’s applicability and market potential.

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