Pixel Watch Signals a New Era: Google Patents Innovative AR/VR Controller

November 22, 2023 – According to reports from the international tech news source Wareable, Google has recently secured a new patent in the United States, revealing potential advancements in the integration of Pixel Watch and other smartwatches as controllers for Google’s AR/VR glasses.

Examining the disclosed patent illustrations from Google, it becomes apparent that the company envisions smartwatches as controllers. When the AR/VR headset detects user gestures on the surface of the smartwatch, it receives gesture data from the watch and stores it in a “gesture library.” This library interprets user actions in “different ways” and translates the relevant movements into commands for the headset.

The patent illustrations demonstrate that drawing a “U” shape on the smartwatch opens the Uber application on the headset, while a “C” gesture prompts the user’s Google Calendar to appear. Each of the 26 letters can be associated with shortcuts within the headset, resembling the functionality of the Z Launcher on the Nokia N1 tablet from earlier years.

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