Pixel 8 Pro’s Upcoming Features: Video Boost and AI Super Zoom

December 01, 2023 – Exciting developments are on the horizon for Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, according to digital influencer Max Winebach. Inside sources suggest that two remarkable features, Video Boost and AI Super Zoom, are poised to make their debut within the year.

Video Boost, the first of these innovations, promises to enhance the Pixel 8 Pro’s video capabilities significantly. Google has asserted that Video Boost leverages AI models to elevate the quality of user-captured videos, offering a more pristine viewing experience. This groundbreaking feature aims to deliver videos with balanced lighting, precise focus, higher resolution, and richer colors.

On the other hand, AI Super Zoom is set to revolutionize the smartphone’s zooming capabilities. This technology, also powered by artificial intelligence, is designed to reduce noise and enhance details in photos taken at long focal lengths. With AI Super Zoom, users can expect clearer and more detailed long-distance shots, setting a new standard for mobile photography.

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