Musk’s Alien Joke Falls Flat as No One Believes His Extraterrestrial Claims

May 27, 2024 – At the Paris Viva Tech conference on Thursday, tech tycoon Elon Musk jokingly claimed to be an alien, although no one believed him.

During a question-and-answer session, the host inquired about rumors regarding Musk’s extraterrestrial lineage. Musk responded with a chuckle, “I am an alien, yes. I’ve always said I’m an alien, but no one believes me.” It’s worth noting that the theme of this presentation was “Everything you’ve always wanted to ask Elon Musk but were afraid to,” inspired by the title of a Woody Allen film. Musk participated in the conference via video, explaining his absence due to attending his son’s graduation ceremony.

When discussing extraterrestrial life on Earth, he continued, “People often ask me if I believe there are aliens on Earth, but I haven’t seen any evidence of aliens. If I did, I would post it on the X platform.” He added, “Maybe we’re alone in this galaxy, maybe it’s just us humans, and our consciousness is very fragile.”

The SpaceX CEO also spoke about his company’s vision and mission to search for signs of life on Mars. He stated, “SpaceX’s long-term goal is to make humanity a multi-planetary species. We need to become a sustainable multi-planetary civilization. This is the first time in Earth’s history that we have been able to do this, and this ability may only last for a short period of time.”

Later, he pointed out that “some things on Earth will destroy Earth life as we know it” and expressed that “for our long-term survival and continuation of consciousness, humans need to move to Mars and the Moon.”

During the event, questions related to artificial intelligence (AI) and Musk’s other company, XAI, were also raised. He criticized OpenAI and Google’s Gemini, stating that “AI should be trained to be honest and trustworthy, not politically correct. Political correctness is often not true, which means you’re asking AI to lie, and I think that will backfire. Honesty is the best policy.”

Musk predicted that his open-source chatbot, GrokAI, would “strive to maintain rigor, pursue the truth, and be as interesting as possible. If we’re destined to perish, let’s die laughing.” However, he also acknowledged that GrokAI still has “a lot of catching up to do” before it can compete with OpenAI or Gemini, which he believes can be achieved by the end of the year.

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