Modern Automobiles Ventures into Semiconductor Development with Intel Partnership

July 11, 2023 – Modern Automobiles Explores Semiconductor Development Partnership Modern Automobiles’ Chairman, Zheng Yixuan, recently paid a visit to Intel’s Fab 24 facility in Ireland, which specializes in customized modifications of 14-nanometer technology and FinFET transistor structures.

In breaking news, Modern Automobiles has unveiled plans to venture into semiconductor component development, with Intel being a highly dependable manufacturing partner for this endeavor.

Citing a report from Business Korea, Modern Automobiles is currently collaborating with Intel to customize and develop their own processors for the infotainment system of the Genesis G90, the advanced driver-assistance system of the Kia EV9, and potentially other future projects.

During the visit, representatives from Intel showcased the operations of their Remote Operations Center (ROC) to the CEO of Modern Automobiles. This state-of-the-art facility allows for real-time monitoring of the company’s activities 365 days a year, enabling flexible production arrangements for semiconductor components.

The partnership between Modern Automobiles and Intel signifies a significant step forward in the automotive industry, as Modern Automobiles aims to enhance the performance and functionality of their vehicles through the development of tailored semiconductor solutions. This strategic collaboration highlights the importance of cutting-edge technologies and highlights the potential for innovation in the automotive sector.

As Modern Automobiles delves into the realm of semiconductor development, their ambition to create more sophisticated and efficient vehicles comes to the forefront. With Intel’s expertise in semiconductor manufacturing and Modern Automobiles’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology, the future holds great promise for this collaboration.

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