Microsoft Sets 16GB as Minimum RAM for AI-Enabled PCs: TrendForce Report

January 19, 2024 – According to the latest report from research firm TrendForce, Microsoft has made 16GB the minimum system requirement for AI-powered PCs.

Among the several new features natively integrated into Windows 11 23H2, Microsoft’s upcoming update includes a boost in memory requirements. Specifically, the company has set 16GB as the minimum RAM capacity, necessary not only for local acceleration but also for cloud-based Copilot AI functionality. Devices falling below this standard will not be able to utilize these features.

It appears that Copilot has garnered significant attention from Microsoft, as the tech giant aims to integrate AI chatbots capable of automation and generative tasks into mainstream PCs. The company is even pushing for the inclusion of a dedicated Copilot button on personal computer keyboards, akin to the “Start” button on the Windows menu.

Microsoft’s most significant undertaking in the Copilot sphere is the planned launch of Copilot Pro in 2024. This AI assistant, integrated with Office and 365, is slated to be sold separately through a subscription model.

Consequently, laptops released in 2024 are expected to adopt 16GB as the baseline memory specification. Commercial laptops, in particular, will see their memory capacities expanded to 32GB or even 64GB based on organizational requirements. This development bodes well for the DRAM industry, which stands to benefit from the increasing demand for higher memory capacities in PCs.

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