Mercedes-Benz Upgrading EQE and EQS Electric Models to 800V High-Voltage Charging

**August 22, 2023 – Transforming Electric Mobility: Mercedes-Benz’s Cutting-Edge EVA2M Platform Upgrade**

In an era where innovation continues to reshape the automotive landscape, Mercedes-Benz is taking a bold step forward with its visionary electric vehicle (EV) technology. Recent reports from German automotive media outlet JESMB unveil an ambitious plan by Mercedes-Benz to revolutionize their electric platforms, with the spotlight on the groundbreaking upgrade to the EVA2M platform.

This strategic move entails a transformative shift in the very heart of Mercedes-Benz’s electric ecosystem. The marque is gearing up to raise the bar, elevating the conventional 400V setup to a groundbreaking 800V high-voltage architecture. This paradigm shift is poised to empower vehicle owners with unprecedented possibilities for rapid charging, offering them the capability to leverage charging systems with capacities exceeding 200kW.

The three main pillars of this transformative project are as follows: **EVA2M Platform Evolution:** The upcoming iteration of the EVA2 platform, aptly named EVA2M (with ‘M’ symbolizing ‘MOF’), stands as a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility.

Central to this evolution is the integration of the in-house developed eATS 2.0 electric powertrain. This innovative propulsion system not only embodies cutting-edge engineering prowess but also promises enhanced efficiency and performance, setting a new benchmark for electric driving dynamics.

Beyond the propulsion system, Mercedes-Benz engineers have harnessed technological prowess to introduce an entirely fresh 800V high-voltage charging architecture. This monumental leap allows the forthcoming EQE and EQS platform models to boast an impressive charging speed of up to 200kW, a substantial improvement over the existing 170kW limitation. With the added benefit of reduced heat generation during the charging process, vehicles are poised to maintain higher charging rates for extended periods, ultimately translating to significantly shorter charging times for vehicle owners.

A paramount addition to the enhanced EVA2M platform comes in the form of a transition from single-speed to dual-speed transmissions. This transition empowers the vehicle’s systems to dynamically and judiciously balance power output and energy consumption, contributing to a more responsive and adaptable driving experience.

As the automotive industry propels into an electrified future, Mercedes-Benz’s visionary EVA2M platform upgrade underscores their unwavering commitment to shaping the contours of electric mobility. The convergence of eATS 2.0, an 800V high-voltage architecture, and the dual-speed transmission sets the stage for a new chapter in driving innovation. As Mercedes-Benz drives towards an electrified horizon, the journey promises to be electrifying in every sense.

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