MediaTek Collaborates with Vietnamese Enterprises to Launch ‘Made in Vietnam’ Chips

July 02, 2024 – At the end of June, Finbarr Moynihan, Global Marketing General Manager and Vice President of MediaTek, announced that they are collaborating with multiple Vietnamese enterprises to develop “Made in Vietnam” chips.

According to reports from Vietnamese media, Vietnam Investment Review and VnExpress, Moynihan stated at an event in Ho Chi Minh City:

“We are actively cooperating with various partners in the semiconductor field in Vietnam. Soon, we will see ‘Made in Vietnam’ chips serving both domestic and international markets.”

Moynihan confirmed that although the production process of these chips is not carried out in Vietnam, the chips themselves are definitely “Made in Vietnam.”

MediaTek has been deeply rooted in the Vietnamese market for many years, and its mobile processors currently account for 49% of the market share in Vietnam.

In the Wi-Fi field, MediaTek has maintained a long-term partnership with local Vietnamese telecom operators that dates back to the Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) era. Currently, they are jointly promoting Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7.

Additionally, MediaTek is actively involved in the deployment of local 5G cellular networks in Vietnam, and its chips are being used in telecom operators’ IoT platforms. Furthermore, MediaTek provides a series of chip solutions for Vietnamese electric vehicles and electric motorcycles.

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