LG Partners with Tenstorrent to Drive Innovation in AI and RISC-V Technology

May 31, 2023 – In a recent development reported by Reuters, LG has announced a partnership with Canadian startup Tenstorrent to collaborate on the development of AI technology and RISC-V architecture for smart TVs, automobiles, and data centers.

David Bennett, the General Manager of Tenstorrent, expressed that LG will initially utilize Tenstorrent’s AI chip design to develop its own chips. Subsequently, the two companies plan to expand their cooperation into a larger strategic and mutually beneficial alliance.

Let’s delve into the background of Tenstorrent. Established in 2016, the company boasts a founding team with over a decade of industry experience, including previous employment at chip companies such as AMD, Intel, ARM, and Altera.

Leading the way as the CEO and Chief Architect of Tenstorrent is Ljubisa Bajic, who previously held positions at AMD, where he spearheaded power architecture design, and at NVIDIA, where he contributed to the Tegra system architecture.

Notably, chip guru Jim Keller joined Tenstorrent in 2021. Keller, renowned for his work at Apple on the A4 and A5 designs, later returned to AMD as Vice President and Chief Core Architect, overseeing the development of the next-generation CPU architectures K12 and Zen. Keller parted ways with Intel in June 2020 after a two-year tenure there.

This collaboration between LG and Tenstorrent signifies their joint effort to harness the potential of RISC-V architecture and AI technology in the realms of smart TVs, automotive innovation, and data centers. It showcases LG’s commitment to enhancing their product offerings by incorporating cutting-edge chip designs, while Tenstorrent benefits from the partnership by gaining a prominent player in the consumer electronics market as a strategic ally. The collaboration holds promise for groundbreaking advancements and mutual growth in the industry.

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