Apple Moves to Monopolize TSMC’s 2nm Production Amid Chip War with Samsung

May 23, 2024 – According to a report by ETNews, a Korean media outlet, Samsung has initiated a 2nm application chip (AP) project under the codename “Thetis,” with plans to mass-produce it in 2025. The chip, to be named Exynos 2600, is expected to be equipped in the Galaxy S26 series of smartphones in 2026.

The name “Thetis” derives from the Greek mythology, where she was the goddess of the sea, wife of Peleus, and mother of Achilles. This mythical association hints at the potential power and heroism embodied by Samsung’s upcoming chip.

On May 4th, it was reported by a source, Roland Quandt, that Samsung intends to incorporate a self-developed GPU core into its flagship Exynos chip planned for release in 2026.

Currently, Samsung’s Exynos 2400 chip, carrying the model number S5E9945, and its successor, presumably the Exynos 2500 with the model number S5E9955, both feature GPUs co-developed with AMD, known as Xclipse.

The competition in the 2nm chip sector is intensifying, with Samsung and Apple vying for supremacy. Samsung holds an advantage due to its in-house manufacturing capabilities, facilitating a tighter integration and commercialization of 2nm chips.

Apple, not to be outdone, is actively pursuing its own 2nm chip development. Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, visited Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) on May 20th. Latest reports indicate that a “secret meeting” took place between the two parties, and Apple is rumored to have secured all of TSMC’s initial 2nm process production capacity.

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