Apple Confirms Type-C Interface for iPhone 15 Series,Received order in Zhengwei

June 23, 2023 – In a recent press conference held by technology manufacturer Zhiwei Electronics, a shift in the market landscape was discussed with great enthusiasm. The company, renowned for its production of high-quality data cables and connectors, shared their optimistic outlook for the latter half of this year. Despite a relatively sluggish performance in the first quarter, Zhiwei Electronics confidently predicted a growth in revenue compared to the previous year, attributing it to an anticipated surge in demand starting from June and continuing throughout the remainder of the year.

Rumors had been circulating about Apple’s intention to abandon the Lightning interface in their upcoming iPhone 15 series, opting instead for the more universal Type-C interface. Zhiwei Electronics, during the conference, virtually confirmed these speculations. They revealed that they have already commenced mass production of Type-C-related products and have begun shipping to contract manufacturers and other customers. While Zhiwei Electronics secured orders for a substantial portion of Type-C-enabled products, including a significant portion from Apple, the exact breakdown of these orders varied across different product categories.

Furthermore, Zhiwei Electronics emphasized that based on their current order status, they expect a gradual increase in Type-C shipments throughout the third quarter of this year. They anticipate that this will significantly contribute to their revenue and profitability in the latter half of the year. With the growing popularity of the Type-C interface, Zhiwei Electronics firmly believes that this trend will present abundant opportunities for business expansion.

The statement made by Zhiwei Electronics further validates the rumors surrounding Apple’s adoption of the Type-C interface and underscores the potential demand for Type-C products. As Apple’s decision and market demand continue to rise, Zhiwei Electronics is poised to secure a larger share of Type-C-related orders, thus bolstering the company’s future development. This, in turn, will drive the widespread adoption of the Type-C interface, providing users with the convenience of charging and data transfer across different devices.

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