AMD’s Mystery Unveiled: Pro 695 Chipset Hints at Dual-Threadripper Pro Lineup

October 25, 2023 – AMD has recently updated the specifications for their Ryzen Threadripper Pro processors, and one unexpected detail that caught everyone’s attention is the chipsets section. Alongside the familiar WRX90 and TRX50 chipsets, there’s a new entry labeled Pro 695.

Currently, there’s a degree of uncertainty surrounding this Pro 695 chipset. It could either be a typographical error on AMD’s part, or it might hint at an entirely new, yet undisclosed chipset.

It’s worth noting that the WRX90 chipset, when compared to the TRX50, offers enhanced professional manageability and security features. It boasts a greater number of PCI channels, supports up to 8 memory channels, and can expand up to a massive 2TB of DDR5 memory, which is twice that of the TRX50.

TechRadar, a reputable tech media outlet, speculates that AMD might be planning to launch dual-socket Threadripper Pro systems in the future, capable of accommodating up to 4TB of memory and featuring a whopping 192 cores. This potential development would mark a significant leap in AMD’s offerings and provide even more power and flexibility to professional users.

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