Elegance vs. Range: The Dilemma of Honda’s Retro EV, the Honda e

December 20, 2023 – Honda’s Retro-Inspired Small Electric Car, the Honda e, Bids Farewell at Just Three Years Old!

In recent days, Honda has officially announced the discontinuation of its compact electric vehicle, the Honda e, starting next year. The reason behind this decision? It simply wasn’t selling. But why were buyers so reluctant? Well, it was both expensive and had limited range.

In France, the starting price for this car soared to a whopping 42,100 euros (approximately 32.62 million Chinese yuan). And that’s not all; if you wanted the higher-end version, you’d have to dig deeper into your pockets. The pricing was one concern, but the real kicker was its underwhelming range. Under WLTP test conditions, the maximum range was a mere 137 miles (220km), and real-world tests often showed it struggling to reach even 170 kilometers per hour.

Under the hood, the Honda e featured a permanent magnet synchronous motor at the rear axle, available in two different power variants depending on the configuration. It could deliver a maximum output of either 136 horsepower or 154 horsepower, with a peak torque of 300 Newton-meters. The car’s Achilles’ heel was its 35.5 kWh battery capacity, which ultimately resulted in its limited range.

Interestingly, Honda introduced a limited edition of the Honda e last year and even enlisted the reigning Formula 1 champion, Max Verstappen, to endorse and promote it.

Verstappen couldn’t get enough of this little car. He said, “The e Limited Edition is just adorable. It boasts a stylish exterior, a compact body, and an incredibly enjoyable driving experience. It’s a fantastic electric vehicle for the urban landscape.”

However, even the charm of Verstappen couldn’t change the fate of this car, which unfortunately had to be discontinued.

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