Tesla’s Innovative “Precision Parking Assist” Feature Unveiled by Ashok Elluswamy

December 19, 2023 – Tesla Announces “Precision Parking Assist” Feature

In recent news, Tesla’s Head of Autonomous Driving Software, Ashok Elluswamy, has revealed plans to introduce a new “Precision Parking Assist” feature for certain vehicle models that do not have ultrasonic sensors.

This upcoming update promises to enhance the parking experience by utilizing higher-resolution 3D scenes to display surrounding obstacles, thereby improving a driver’s judgment in tight spaces. Elluswamy elaborated, stating, “Obstacles are modeled as a continuous distance field, allowing us to represent any shape smoothly and efficiently. What you see is not a pre-set grid but real-time predictions generated by the network.”

Notably, this feature will be part of Tesla’s Christmas holiday update. It’s important to note that, at the moment, “Precision Parking Assist” will be exclusively available for Tesla models that rely on pure visual solutions, specifically the Model 3 and Model Y manufactured after 2022, as well as the Model S and Model X manufactured after 2023.

However, Tesla has not disclosed a specific timeline for when this feature will be extended to older Tesla models equipped with ultrasonic sensors.

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