Next-Gen Mobile Graphics: AMD Prepares to Launch RX 7700M and RX 7800M

January 02, 2024 – In recent developments reported by TechPowerUp, AMD is on the verge of introducing a new series of laptop graphics cards based on the Navi 32 GPU. The specific models anticipated are likely to be named RX 7700M and RX 7800M.

Currently, AMD has already launched several GPUs in the RX 7000 series for laptops, including the high-end RX 7900M (72CU), as well as mainstream options like the RX 7600M/7600M XT (28/32CU) series and RX 7600S/7700S (28/32CU) series.

The Navi 32 GPU boasts 60 Compute Units (CU), and AMD might release it as two distinct models – RX 7700M and RX 7800M. Alternatively, there could also be a low-power variant, possibly named RX 7900S.

Expectations are high that AMD will unveil these new laptop GPUs during the upcoming CES 2024 event next week. Additionally, there is speculation that AMD might introduce the Ryzen 8000G desktop APU and the previously leaked RX 7600 XT 16G desktop graphics card.

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