Apple’s New Patent Unveils Tilt-Sensing Magic Mouse for Enhanced Interactivity

March 29, 2024 – Recently, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) disclosed a new patent granted to Apple, which revolves around an innovative design for the Magic Mouse. This patent enables users to perform cursor operations even when the mouse is tilted or completely lifted off the desktop.

Entitled simply as “Input Device,” the patent outlines a series of unconventional mouse designs conceived by Apple, incorporating features such as tilt sensors.

According to the patent’s translation, “Users can tilt the input device to have the computing equipment perform desired functions. The input device can be tilted in different directions or to varying degrees, and the equipment can detect the tilting action or position of the mouse, allowing users to customize related operations.”

This implies that, in addition to the conventional planar movements of forward, backward, left, and right, the mouse can now be tilted in different directions, introducing a new dimension of interactive control.

Furthermore, Apple states in the patent that these input devices can be lifted from the supporting surface, opening up a range of user-defined actions beyond just tilting.

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