Apple Vision Pro Shattered Screen: Repair Process and Costs Detailed

March 01, 2024 – A YouTube channel, Practical Matters, has recently shared a video documenting the entire repair process of an Apple Vision Pro headset that suffered a shattered screen due to accidental dropping. The incident raises concerns among users about the fragility of the device and the subsequent repair procedures.

In the video, the channel’s host demonstrates how the Vision Pro headset, which had its front glass completely shattered after hitting the floor, was rendered unusable. Fortunately, the host had purchased AppleCare+ coverage, providing him with two repair options from Apple.

The first option was to send the damaged Vision Pro to Apple for repair, which could potentially take a considerable amount of time. The second option, available only if there was a new unit in stock, was for Apple to deliver a replacement headset to the customer’s doorstep.

In a follow-up video, the user showcases how Apple sent the replacement Vision Pro. The headset arrived in a basic cardboard box with a QR code that directed the user to an Apple support webpage with instructions on how to disassemble and reassemble the headset. It’s worth noting that the replacement unit did not include speakers or other accessories.

Interestingly, Apple dispatched the replacement device before receiving the customer’s damaged unit, giving the customer a 10-day window to return the broken headset to Apple.

Regarding the cost, Apple charges a 799feeforrepairingthefrontglassoftheVisionProincaseofshattering.Alternatively,usershavetheoptiontoreplacetheentireheadsetatacostof2399. For those who have purchased AppleCare+ for their Vision Pro, which costs 499,theywouldstillneedtopayanadditional299 for screen repair.

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