Microsoft Tests New Visual Search Feature in Edge’s Canary Channel

March 01, 2024 – Microsoft is reportedly testing a new feature in the Canary channel of its Edge browser, according to a leak from @Leopeva64. The feature, known as “Visual Search,” allows users to select an image and perform a search directly from the browser’s sidebar, powered by Copilot.

However, it appears that only a limited number of users in the Canary channel have been invited to test this new functionality. Despite updating their browsers to the latest version, many users have not yet seen the option appear.

The Visual Search feature bears some similarity to Google’s “Search by Image” functionality, which allows users to find relevant information by right-clicking on an image. With Microsoft’s implementation, users can expect to receive more detailed and context-specific results thanks to Copilot’s integration.

In addition to Visual Search, Microsoft is also experimenting with a “Screenshot to Copilot” feature in Edge. This functionality enables users to capture a screenshot of the webpage they are currently viewing in Microsoft Edge and upload it to Copilot for processing. Copilot will then analyze the information in the screenshot and provide users with relevant answers or insights.

These new features demonstrate Microsoft’s continued commitment to integrating artificial intelligence into its products and services. By leveraging Copilot’s capabilities, the company aims to enhance users’ web browsing experience and make it easier for them to find the information they need.

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