YouTube Undergoes Internal Restructuring, Resulting in Layoffs of Approximately 100 Employees

January 18, 2024 – Internal Restructuring at Google’s YouTube Leads to Layoffs

In a recent internal memo obtained by Tubefilter, it has been revealed that Google’s YouTube division has begun undergoing significant internal adjustments. According to the memo, Mary Ellen Coe, the Chief Business Officer of YouTube, announced that as part of the reorganization, the department would be laying off approximately 100 employees. However, those affected by the layoffs will have the opportunity to apply for other vacant positions within the department.

Coe stated in the memo that this move is aimed at streamlining the department’s structure to better cope with the growing number of content creators on YouTube and to develop additional features, including AI content tools. The reported changes also indicate that YouTube intends to integrate its content creator management teams, maintaining only one leader per country or region. Similarly, the music team will be merged globally, while the sports, media, film, and television teams will be consolidated under one organization, encompassing projects such as YouTubeTV and NFL Sunday Ticket.

Previously, it was reported that Google had conducted a series of layoffs over the past few weeks, affecting its Devices and Services division (primarily the AR department), Google Assistant team, and the Core Engineering department. Yesterday, the company also laid off hundreds of employees from its advertising sales team. It remains unclear whether other Google departments are also preparing for layoffs.

The restructuring and layoffs at YouTube come as the video-sharing platform continues to face intense competition from other social media giants and streaming services. By streamlining its operations and focusing on key areas such as AI development and content creator support, YouTube hopes to maintain its market leadership and continue to grow its user base and revenue.

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