Google’s Ambitious Restructuring: 30,000 Jobs at Risk Amid AI Integration

December 26, 2023 – In a recent development, following a significant layoff of 12,000 employees earlier this year, Google is reportedly planning a restructuring of its advertising sales department, putting as many as 30,000 employees at risk of losing their jobs.

Google’s restructuring plans have shed light on a new concern for the workforce, indicating that in addition to economic downturns and challenging job markets, the reasons for layoffs could also be attributed to employees being outperformed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Insiders have revealed that Google intends to consolidate its departmental staff, potentially involving layoffs, and reassign them to the key account sales division, responsible for managing relationships with major advertisers. These employees have been tasked with designing custom advertising campaigns for major clients and recommending new ads based on the client’s product portfolio. However, with the increasing integration of AI into Google’s advertising operations, the demand for these sales personnel has steadily diminished.

Over the years, Google has developed and acquired a range of advertising technology tools that can operate automatically without Google’s direct involvement. Google has also introduced a new tool called PMax, which recommends and creates new advertisements for ad buyers.

Not only has AI excelled in delivering precise recommendations, but it has also addressed the production aspect of advertising. With an increasing number of clients adopting PMax, a significant portion of employees dedicated to selling Google ads has been replaced by AI.

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