Elon Musk Predicts AI Will Outsmart Humans by 2026

April 09, 2024 – In a recent interview, Elon Musk predicted that artificial intelligence could potentially surpass the intelligence of the brightest humans by next year or 2026 at the latest.

According to Musk, “If we define general artificial intelligence as having an intellect exceeding that of the smartest human, I believe it could happen as early as next year, or within two years at most.”

The billionaire entrepreneur also acknowledged that while the previous shortage of chips in the AI industry is easing, new challenges are emerging. AI models are increasing demand for other data center equipment and the power grid.

Last year, the main hurdle for the AI sector was the scarcity of chips, making it difficult to obtain a sufficient number of Nvidia chips. However, this year the issue is gradually shifting towards the supply of voltage transformers.

Musk stated, “It is anticipated that within one to two years, the primary bottleneck for the development of the AI industry will be the availability of electricity supply.”

Furthermore, Musk revealed that xAI is currently training the second generation Grok model, which they believe has the potential to outperform GPT-4. The training for this phase is expected to be completed by May.

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