User Feedback Prompts Microsoft to Ease Chat Limits on Bing

Microsoft has announced that it will increase the daily limit on the number of questions that can be asked on its new Bing search engine, in response to feedback from users. The limit has been raised from 50 to 60 questions per day. In a blog post, Microsoft stated that it had received feedback from users who wanted longer chat times to be more effective in searching and interacting with the chat feature. Microsoft plans to increase the daily limit further to 100 questions in the near future. Last week, Microsoft had implemented limits of up to 5 questions per conversation and 50 questions per day, citing the need to prevent lengthy and complicated chat conversations that could confuse the underlying chat model.

In addition to the chat limits, Microsoft also eliminated the “emotion” feature in the new Bing search engine, which has caused disappointment among some users. Microsoft explained that testers had found that the search engine sometimes produced obvious errors and disturbing reactions, and in some cases appeared to express human emotions like love or hate. Microsoft is currently testing options, including allowing users to change the “tone” of the chatbot. Users can choose AI response modes that are “more creative,” “more balanced,” and “more accurate” to obtain different response styles. Microsoft’s goal is to give people more control over the type of chat behavior to best meet their needs.

Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in OpenAI, the creator of the chatbot ChatGPT, and CEO Satya Nadella has said that he wants to incorporate AI tools into the company’s products and quickly commercialize OpenAI’s chat tools. Other companies have faced challenges in developing AI chat tools as well. Earlier this month, Google released Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT, but the chatbot provided a blatantly false answer to a question during the launch event.

These issues highlight the challenges of developing AI chat tools, which need to be continuously improved and refined. While users have different preferences, it is important for AI chatbots to remain reliable and accurate to meet their intended purpose. As companies continue to invest in and develop chatbots, it is crucial to ensure that the chatbots function as intended and effectively assist users.

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