Unveiling Intel’s Raptor Lake Refresh Processors at Innovation 2023

September 25, 2023 -While the official keynote at Innovation 2023 didn’t mention the 14th generation Intel Core Raptor Lake Refresh series processors, it doesn’t mean that Intel has forgotten about them.

Despite the absence of any information about this processor series during the keynote by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, the company showcased them directly on the exhibition floor the following day.

The host explicitly mentioned that this marked the first public appearance of the pre-release hardware based on the Raptor Lake Refresh series. The demonstration system involved a desktop setup designed for creating virtual avatars of humans in the metaverse—utilizing cameras to capture real-life movements and modeling them in a virtualized form.

However, Intel didn’t disclose the specific SKUs and configurations for this series. The focus of this year’s event was predominantly on Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake, particularly their AI acceleration capabilities, as previously reported by IT Home.

According to leaks, the initial release of Intel’s 14th generation Core Raptor Lake Refresh series processors is expected to include six models: i9-14900K (F), i7-14700K (F), i5-14600K (F), with additional non-K 65W models slated for CES 2024.

The lineup comprises the likes of the 24-core, 32-thread i9-14900K (F) clocked at 6GHz, the i9-14900 (F) at 24 cores, 32 threads and 5.8GHz, the 20-core, 28-thread i7-14700K (F) at 5.6GHz, the i7-14700 (F) at 20 cores, 28 threads and 5.4GHz, the 14-core, 20-thread i5-14600K (F) at 5.3GHz, the i5-14600 at 14 cores, 20 threads and 5.2GHz, the i5-14500 at 14 cores, 20 threads and 5.0GHz, the i5-14400 (F) at 10 cores, 16 threads and 4.7GHz, and the i3-14100 (F) at 4 cores, 8 threads and 4.7GHz.

As it stands, the initial models of Intel’s 14th generation Core processors are set to make their debut on October 17, 2023, potentially coming with a price hike compared to the previous generation.

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