Spotify’s Latest Move: Testing a Privacy-Centric Feature for Personalized Recommendations

**November 27, 2023 –** In a recent exploration of Spotify’s beta code, MacRumors uncovered indications that Spotify is in the process of testing an option to “disable personalized recommendations.” This feature is anticipated to be rolled out in the near future.

It is reported that Spotify’s personalized recommendation feature tailors music suggestions to users based on their listening history and habits. While the majority of users may prefer to keep this feature enabled for a more tailored music experience, there is a subset of users who value their privacy in the era of big data. With the imminent launch of this option, Spotify aims to cater to those users who wish to have more control over their privacy settings.

In addition, reports suggest that Spotify is also working on introducing a “personalized recommendation” toggle. This feature would be particularly useful for households where multiple family members, each with distinct music preferences, share the same account. It would enable seamless switching between different custom recommendation profiles based on individual users’ musical tastes.

Meanwhile, Apple is not far behind in this trend, with plans to introduce a similar feature in the upcoming iOS 17.2 update for Apple Music. This feature will empower users to disable their Apple Music listening history, providing them with greater control over their privacy settings within the Apple Music platform.

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