Sonos CEO Teases Major 2024 Event and New Product Lineup

November 16, 2023 – The CEO of the audio speaker manufacturer Sonos, Patrick Spence, hinted today at a “significant event” for the company in 2024, stating that “some crucial new products will appear on the roadmap later next year.”

Patrick Spence remarked, “This is a project with a multi-year product cycle, and we hope to reap the rewards from a series of research and development investments made earlier. This cycle begins with a new, billion-dollar category we will be entering in the latter half of next year.”

About a year ago today, Patrick Spence decided to focus on four new product categories over the coming years. The company had previously announced Sonos Pro, a product category targeting businesses, providing a music subscription service for enterprises.

Sonos is highly likely to expand its product line to include headphones next year, introducing a series of headphones primarily geared towards individual consumers. The company’s significant achievements in the speaker domain make it well-suited to venture into such products.

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