Elevate Your Virtual Space: Teams Introduces ‘Revamp Your Surroundings

November 16, 2023 – In the realm of virtual meetings, the desire for privacy and a polished professional appearance often clashes with the reality of cluttered offices or messy living spaces. Addressing this concern, Microsoft unveiled new AI features for Teams during today’s Ignite 2023 conference, offering users the ability to virtually transform their background, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

**Revamp Your Surroundings**

A standout feature introduced for Teams during this event is “Revamp Your Surroundings.” When users activate this option, AI comes to the rescue, enhancing the visual appeal of your real-world background. For instance, AI can declutter your space or add virtual greenery to your walls, providing a customized and neat backdrop.

Microsoft has announced that this feature will be available to users with Teams advanced licenses starting early next year.

**Voice Isolation**

In addition to visual enhancements, Microsoft has introduced the “Voice Isolation” feature for Teams. This advanced capability can identify your voice and suppress background noises, ensuring your communication comes through with crystal-clear clarity.

Microsoft assures users that the AI only requires a brief calibration period to accurately recognize individual voices. This feature is set to be integrated into Teams Phone and Teams Meetings in the early months of the coming year.

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