Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra to Revolutionize Mobile Photography with RAW Capture

December 19, 2023 – Samsung is set to make a significant leap in the camera capabilities of its upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone, according to insider Ahmed Qwaider. The most noteworthy change is the introduction of RAW format photography, with a default resolution increase from 12 million pixels to a remarkable 24 million pixels.

This move by Samsung appears to be a response to Apple’s latest stride in the field. The iPhone 15 Pro series, released this year, has undergone algorithm adjustments to produce images at a default output of 24 million pixels, striking a balance between file size and image quality compared to the extreme 48 million pixels and humble 12 million pixels of previous models.

While the Galaxy S23 Ultra boasted a 200-megapixel primary camera with support for both 200-megapixel and 50-megapixel shooting modes, the leaks surrounding the Galaxy S24 Ultra suggest that Samsung will retain the 200-megapixel primary camera.

According to the insider’s information, here are some of the camera features expected to be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:

1. **Photo Remaster**

Samsung is likely to incorporate a feature inspired by its Galaxy Book 4 laptop. This feature utilizes AI elements to further enhance captured photos. It is reported to offer three options: Portrait, Remaster, and Delete. Portrait mode is designed to create a sense of depth for better subject presentation, Remaster provides one-touch image enhancement, while Delete appears to help remove unnecessary elements from photos.

2. **ND Filter**

Borrowing a concept from traditional DSLR cameras, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will introduce a Natural Density (ND) filter. This filter will allow users to control shutter speed and exposure parameters, providing a more personalized photography experience. Notably, a similar feature has already been seen in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, tucked away within the “Expert RAW Labs” section.

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