Revolutionary Laser Repair: Dramatically Lowering Costs for OLED iPhone Screen Issues

July 18, 2023 – In a recent video released by the YouTube channel “Innovative Technologies,” a groundbreaking OLED screen repair technique in China has been showcased, revolutionizing the way we address display issues.

Cost-effectiveness is a key advantage of this technology. Instead of the conventional approach of replacing the entire screen, which can cost a staggering $379 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max (equivalent to approximately 2,710 Chinese yuan), this method offers a significantly cheaper alternative. The repair process involves a fraction of the cost, reducing expenses to just one-third of the replacement price.

It is worth noting that this OLED screen repair technique relies on the prerequisite that the external glass and flexible circuitry of the screen are in a healthy condition. However, it also provides a solution for addressing problems within the OLED layer itself, which was previously a challenging task.

The entire repair process is carried out manually, showcasing the skill and precision involved. This innovative approach has the potential to reshape the landscape of smartphone refurbishment. Additionally, the video reveals that these cutting-edge machines are being sold by a company named Xuan, with a price tag of approximately $12,000 per unit.

With this breakthrough OLED screen repair technology, the industry may witness a significant transformation, offering cost-effective solutions for addressing display issues while reducing electronic waste. As the market evolves and embraces such advancements, consumers can look forward to more affordable and sustainable options when it comes to repairing their smartphones.

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