OpenCV Integration Milestone: Embracing openEuler for Continuous Innovation

November 20, 2023 – In a significant development on November 17, 2023, the OpenCV community officially embraced the openEuler operating system as one of the supported platforms for its Continuous Integration (CI) system, affirming native support for openEuler in the upstream.

This marks a noteworthy milestone for openEuler as it becomes the second Linux distribution, following Ubuntu, to receive native support from the OpenCV upstream community.

For context, OpenCV, short for Open Source Computer Vision Library, stands as a versatile open-source computer vision library that encompasses functionalities such as image processing, feature detection, object recognition, and machine learning. Developers can leverage various programming languages, including C++ and Python, for OpenCV application development.

The openEuler official statement underlines the ongoing collaboration between the OpenCV and openEuler communities. Their joint efforts aim to ensure efficient validation of OpenCV features and issue resolutions on both Ascend hardware and openEuler, thereby delivering enhanced quality and performance to users. This collaboration serves to advance the application and development of computer vision technology.

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