NVIDIA’s Countermove: Introducing 3 New RTX 4070 Series Cards, Starting at 3,700 Yuan

October 20, 2023 – Despite recent clarifications, the domestic demand for the RTX 4090 graphics card in China remains insatiable, with prices soaring to a staggering 50,000 yuan, a testament to how effectively NVIDIA has managed to deplete its existing stock.

In the latest development, NVIDIA is aggressively pushing the release of new graphics cards. In addition to the highly-anticipated RTX 4080 Ti, three new additions to the RTX 4070 series are on the horizon, with the most budget-friendly option potentially priced at less than 4,000 yuan.

According to reports, NVIDIA is planning to replace the current RTX 4070 with the RTX 4070 SUPER. The new card will feature the AD103 GPU and a wider 256-bit memory interface, accommodating a larger 16GB of VRAM. In comparison, the existing RTX 4070 utilizes a 192-bit memory interface and comes with 12GB of VRAM, powered by the AD104 GPU.

When it comes to pricing, the original RTX 4070 is priced at $599, which implies that the upcoming products might fall within the range of $649 to $699. Additionally, NVIDIA is also preparing a more cost-effective RTX 4070 variant with standard, slower GDDR6 memory, expected to be priced at around $499, approximately 3,700 yuan.

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