Apple Vision Pro Headset Hits Market, Faces First Accident on Launch Day

February 03, 2024 – In a highly anticipated move, Apple today launched its inaugural headset, Vision Pro, in the United States, priced at a starting point of $3499, equivalent to roughly 25,000 yuan.

Regrettably, the premium device suffered its first fall on its release day. A Twitter user, iupdate, shared images of his Vision Pro after it hit the ground, revealing a shattered front glass panel that resembled a web of cracks, indicating a direct frontal impact.

According to Apple’s official repair costs, out-of-warranty repairs for Vision Pro are equally steep, with the front glass panel costing $799 (about 5750 yuan) to fix.

However, those who spend an additional 499(around3600yuan)ontheAppleCare+servicecanenjoyaslightlyreducedrepairfeeofjust299 (approximately 2150 yuan). It’s worth noting that the front glass panel is actually the cheapest component to repair on the Vision Pro. Damage to other parts, without AppleCare+, can cost as much as $2399 (roughly 17,260 yuan).

With AppleCare+ coverage, any damage, regardless of location, will be repaired at the same cost as the glass panel – a mere $299. Given the hefty price tag of the Vision Pro, investing in AppleCare+ service seems like a prudent decision.

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