Microsoft’s Latest Windows Update Unveils Exciting Photo Editing Feature

November 13, 2023 – Microsoft has rolled out a new update, version 2023.11110.8002.0, for the “Photos” application exclusively for Windows Insider channel users. The standout feature of this update is the introduction of a background editing function.

Upon selecting “Edit Image” within the “Photos” app, users are greeted with a prompt encouraging them to “try different backgrounds.” On the right side of the interface, three background processing options appear: blur, removal, and replacement.

While this feature may not hold significant value for professional users, it proves to be quite practical for the majority of everyday users. Essentially, it serves as a simplified version of Photoshop, requiring no specialized skills or knowledge.

In addition to the new feature, the updated version has undergone some UI adjustments. The zoom, display state, and full-screen buttons, previously located at the top, have been relocated to the bottom right. A new button in the bottom left corner facilitates the switch to thumbnail viewer display mode.

This isn’t the first instance of Microsoft incorporating background editing capabilities into its built-in Windows applications. Previously, Microsoft integrated a photo background editing plugin into the sidebar of the Edge browser.

In September of this year, Microsoft also introduced a “Remove Background” button in the native “Paint” application, allowing users to easily eliminate the background of an entire image with a simple click.

As of now, this update is exclusively available to users on the Insider channel, with expectations that it will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks.

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