In-House Alternatives: Microsoft Advises Employees Against ChatGPT Usage

November 10, 2023 – Recent media reports reveal that Microsoft, citing security concerns and the fear of potential leaks of sensitive corporate data, has implemented a ban on the usage of ChatGPT by its employees.

Despite Microsoft’s significant investment in OpenAI and the incorporation of protective measures within ChatGPT to prevent misuse, the platform is still considered a third-party external service. Microsoft recommends its staff to utilize the in-house Bing Chat tool, which was introduced in February and is exclusively available on Microsoft’s Edge browser. Notably, Bing Chat relies on OpenAI’s extensive language models.

ChatGPT, having undergone extensive training on internet data, possesses the capability to generate human-like responses to chat messages, enhancing productivity in various professional settings. However, a growing number of companies are imposing restrictions on the use of ChatGPT to prevent potential data sharing by employees due to concerns related to accuracy and security.

Several users who have experimented with ChatGPT have raised concerns, noting that the model sometimes fabricates responses when faced with queries it cannot retrieve information for. Although the responses may appear grammatically sound, the information provided is entirely fictional.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft, as OpenAI’s largest investor, has contributed a cumulative investment of $11 billion to the company. Despite their substantial collaboration, the current dynamics suggest a shift in their relationship, with Microsoft seemingly treating OpenAI more as a competitor than a collaborator.

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