Microsoft Unveils Enhanced Teams Experience with Over 2,000 Apps and Performance Boosts

December 21, 2023 – Microsoft today reiterated the robust growth of its Microsoft Teams platform, announcing that active monthly users have soared past 320 million. The Teams app store now boasts over 2,000 applications, significantly enhancing enterprise capabilities by aiding the development of more than 145,000 custom business applications.

This announcement follows earlier news in October, where Microsoft initially reported surpassing the 320 million monthly active user milestone for Teams. The latest press release expands on this achievement by detailing the extensive range of applications available on the platform.

In a strategic move to enhance enterprise productivity, Microsoft integrated Copilot with Teams and Microsoft 365 on November 1st of this year. This integration allows business users to streamline a variety of tasks through Copilot plugins within Teams.

October also marked the launch of a new version of Teams for Windows and macOS. Particularly noteworthy for macOS users is the shift from the resource-intensive Electron framework to Microsoft’s WebView2 technology, promising accelerated application performance and productivity. Microsoft has committed to a threefold increase in installation speed, a doubling in startup time, and a 1.7-fold increase in the speed of switching between chats and channels. Joining meetings should now be twice as fast, with a 50% reduction in memory usage and a 70% decrease in disk space requirements.

Beyond performance enhancements, the new Teams version aims to streamline user experience by reducing the clutter of notifications and messages, thereby improving overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

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