Microsoft Brings Exclusive Surface AI Feature ‘Voice Clarity’ to All Windows 11 PCs

January 29, 2024 – In a recent development, Microsoft has announced that all Windows 11 PCs will soon be equipped with the exclusive Surface AI feature known as Voice Clarity, and remarkably, this integration will not require an NPU.

The tech giant has released Windows 11 Build 26040 to insiders, introducing a slew of enhancements and fixes. One notable addition is the expansion of Voice Clarity support to PCs lacking an NPU.

Voice Clarity, a cutting-edge noise reduction technology, utilizes hardware integration to combine signals from multiple microphones. Through advanced echo cancellation techniques, it minimizes background noise, ensuring clearer communication between users.

Powered by a low-complexity AI model, Voice Clarity works in real-time to eliminate echoes, suppress ambient noise, and reduce reverberation. Its independence from the NPU makes it widely accessible across a range of PC devices, unlike other noise reduction technologies that often demand specific hardware requirements.

It’s worth mentioning that this feature will be enabled by default, and applications that utilize communication signal processing modes, such as Phone Link and WhatsApp, can leverage its capabilities.

Previously exclusive to Surface devices, this marks a significant milestone as Voice Clarity becomes available to all Windows 11 PC users, enhancing their communication experience significantly.

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