Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Key Phrase Generation to Edge Browser’s PDF Reader

March 28, 2024 – Microsoft is gearing up to introduce a new AI-powered feature to its built-in PDF reader in the Microsoft Edge browser, according to a recent tweet by Leopeva64. The new capability is designed to automatically generate key phrases from the current PDF document being viewed.

The tech giant has begun inviting a limited number of users from the Canary channel of the Edge browser to participate in the initial testing phase. When a PDF file is opened in the Edge browser, these testers will notice a new icon in the top-right corner, depicted as a capital letter ‘A’ with a magnifying glass in the lower-right corner. Upon activating this feature, it will generate a set of key phrases that summarize the content of the document.

These generated key phrases offer multiple benefits to users. They can be used to quickly search for specific PDFs within personal collections, significantly simplifying the process of document retrieval. Additionally, these key phrases can serve as search tags, making it easier for users to locate particular PDFs within their extensive libraries. This new feature is expected to be particularly useful for individuals and businesses that manage large volumes of PDF files.

While the update has been announced, it’s important to note that the functionality may not be immediately available to all users. Those who have already updated to the latest version of the Edge browser in the Canary channel may not see the new PDF feature right away as Microsoft continues to refine and test the AI capabilities before a broader rollout.

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