Microsoft Enhances MSBuild Compiler with Usability Improvements and IntelliSense

March 28, 2024 – Microsoft has recently announced significant enhancements to its experimental MSBuild compiler, aimed at improving usability and addressing developer feedback indicating initial difficulties with the tool.

MSBuild Editor, a crucial component of Microsoft’s Visual Studio software development suite, serves as a powerful platform for building and managing applications. However, initial feedback from developers pointed to challenges in navigating and fully utilizing its capabilities.

In response to this feedback, Microsoft has implemented sweeping changes to MSBuild, including the ability for developers to directly edit csproj files. This new functionality provides access to features not previously available through the Visual Studio user interface alone.

Beyond the standard information displayed through XML elements, the revamped MSBuild compiler now offers rapid access to properties, projects, and metadata within MSBuild expressions. This added layer of insight enhances the development process by providing a more comprehensive view of the project structure and its dependencies.

Further enhancing the developer experience, the experimental compiler introduces an IntelliSense feature, delivering contextual suggestions and guidance directly within the code editor. This intelligent assistance is available across all open windows, helping developers navigate complex codebases more efficiently.

Additionally, a new type system has been integrated into the latest version of MSBuild. This system alerts developers to potential issues, such as malformed conditions or expressions, prior to the build execution. By catching these issues early in the development cycle, teams can avoid costly delays and ensure a smoother, more streamlined build process.

Currently, these advanced features are exclusive to Visual Studio users. However, Microsoft has expressed plans to extend support to Visual Studio Code in the future, broadening the reach of these enhancements to a wider audience of developers.

Pending positive feedback from the development community, Microsoft intends to establish this updated MSBuild compiler as the default option for all .NET developers. This move underscores the company’s commitment to continually evolving its development tools and platforms to meet the changing needs of today’s software development landscape.

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