Micron’s Breakthrough: iPhone 15 Pro Unveils Next-Gen D1β DRAM Chip

September 27, 2023 – In a recent teardown analysis conducted by TechInsights, intriguing revelations surfaced regarding the internal components of the iPhone 15 Pro. Among these findings, the standout feature was the employment of Micron’s cutting-edge D1β (D1b) LPDDR5 16 Gb DRAM chip, marking the company’s debut in the realm of D1β technology.

TechInsights pointed out that the tech industry’s relentless pursuit of smaller, faster, and more efficient components continues to drive innovation. The D1β DRAM, hailed as one of the most advanced DRAM process nodes globally, is a testament to this pursuit.

Upon dismantling the iPhone 15 Pro, TechInsights unearthed a DRAM chip with the model number A3101, housing Micron’s groundbreaking D1β LPDDR5 16 Gb DRAM chip, codenamed Y52P die. What sets this chip apart extends beyond its advanced technology; its physical footprint is notably smaller. Additionally, compared to its predecessors, the LPDDR5/5X D1α 16 Gb chip, it boasts significantly increased density.

An intriguing aspect of Micron’s achievement in manufacturing the D1β DRAM chip lies in its bypassing of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) technology. EUVL is a technique adopted by memory manufacturers like Samsung and SK Hynix, viewed as a critical driver in shrinking DRAM processes to sub-15-nanometer levels.

Micron’s success in developing and producing D1z, D1α, and now D1β DRAM chips without relying on EUVL technology has exceeded expectations in the industry. This breakthrough highlights the company’s ability to push the boundaries of semiconductor fabrication, generating considerable interest in the realm of DRAM manufacturing.

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